the causes of painful breastfeeding and how to fix it

There are many different causes that are at the root of pain during breastfeeding, almost all of which can be resolved with a little patience and the help of a qualified professional.

Many expectant mothers dream of breastfeeding their babies, but not all are successful. For whatever reason? The difficulty can be different. This includes painful breastfeeding. For this reason, the Leche League-sponsored 18th edition of Stilltag, which will be celebrated on February 12 and 13, is dedicated to this topic.


The attack could be wrong

the attack could be wrong

Painful breastfeeding can depend on many factors. First of all, from the wrong baby attachments. Breastfeeding is an innate instinct for newborns. However, this does not mean that all babies know exactly how to do it. In fact, one of the most common breastfeeding problems is improper locking of the baby. In this case, there are not only consequences for milk production, but also trauma to the nipples and, in some cases, cracking. When the baby is breastfed, the mother shouldn’t feel bad. It is important to know that the baby’s mouth should contain not only the nipple but also most of the areola of the mammary glands during breastfeeding.


Pay attention to the location

pay to the location

Even the wrong position of the baby can cause painful breastfeeding. The baby should be able to relax the chin and grip the nipple without stretching or twisting. Arrange it so that the body is facing the mother, is level with the head and shoulders, and the neck is slightly bent. The mother should be in a comfortable position with good support and not slouching: the newborn should be carried to the chest.


If there are cracks or engorgement

Then, as mentioned earlier, pain during breastfeeding may depend on the cracks and sores in the small nipples that occur when the areola skin and/or nipple are separated. Another cause of pain during breastfeeding is breast wrinkles: inflammation and congestion of the entire breast or a large portion of the breast. The breasts look tight, swollen, and warm, the skin glows and milk does not come out when inhaled or squeezed.

Breastfeeding that is painful can also be caused by breasts that are too full. Inserting the baby and “emptying” the breast through the baby can provide pain relief.

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