Hand sanitizers watch out for children's eyes

The chemicals in hand sanitizer can be very damaging to children’s eyes. Pay attention to where they are stored and how they are used

The gels and disinfectants that have been used extensively in this section for a year to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus cannot simply damage the skin. Children’s eyes are also at risk. According to a new study conducted by a team of French researchers from the Hopital Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation and published in Jama Ophthalmology.Hand sanitizers watch out for children's eyes

Because they are dangerous

There are two reasons why disinfectants are harmful to children’s eyes. First, placing the gel dispenser in public places such as schools, supermarkets, shops and hospitals: they are usually placed at a height of about one meter.
If it is approximately the same size as the waist in an adult, it means the eye height in the child. In this way, the chemicals contained in disinfectant products can easily reach the organs of vision and even cause serious problems.
The second reason is that children, especially the youngest, often place their hands near the face: they can do this even after disinfection, which causes accidental but very harmful to the eyes.

Comparison of data before and after the pandemic

The French study found that between April 1 and August 24 there were 233 cases of children exposed to the hazardous chemicals found in disinfectants (63 of them in public places), compared to 33 cases in the same period last year (1 of them was public cases. places): seven times as many. Not only. During the same period, the number of patients admitted to the pediatric ophthalmology specialist hospital was 16 in 2020 and 1 in 2019. Among them, the situation in two children was so vulnerable that a corneal tissue transplant was required.

Beware of donors

Hospitalization includes all children under four years of age: exactly the same height as where the donor is in a public place. Because of this, French researchers believe this may have a negative impact. “In all countries, care should be taken with placing supervisory authorities in public places, as well as informative illustrations that highlight the risk of accidental exposure to children to prevent further serious eye injury,” the experts explained.


To protect your children, it’s best to get them out of the disinfectant gel dispenser immediately after use and to make sure that they don’t come into contact with the eyes immediately after using this product.Hand sanitizers watch out for children's eyes

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